Dietary supplements labeling

Launching dietary supplements on the market is strictly regulated by Polish law. The body responsible for supervising the entire operation is the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, which must receive registration. Many dietary supplements companies use services of law firms specializing in dietary supplements labeling. Why? Because even minor mistakes may lead to serious financial penalties, and in effect product withdrawal.

To make sure registration in Poland is smooth and problem-free as well as assures further production and distribution of dietary supplements, a few steps must be taken.

Registration in Poland step by step

Registration in Poland assumes classification of dietary supplements as foods, not drugs. It is an essential and significant difference which must be taken into account not only during registration but also marketing actions and sale campaigns.

Our lawyer, having a narrow specialization in the field of dietary supplements labeling, provides a comprehensive help in any registration. A proper registration in Poland does not require you to wait for the positive response from CSI. It is a good news for entrepreneurs who wish to market dietary supplements fast and easily.

Registration is based on the specially-prepared electronic form. To dispel any doubts of CSI, all requirements imposed by Polish law and European law are satisfied.

Why is it important that you cooperate with a lawyer?

Zboralska Kancelaria has been rendering services related to dietary supplements since 2006. This means that we have so far solved dozens of cases, dispelled many doubts, checked and evaluated hundreds of labels, dealt with product notifications and had over 200 administrative proceedings related to food. Dietary supplements labeling cannot surprise us anymore. A specialist legal service related to medical, food and pharmaceutical law guarantees satisfaction even in the case of the most challenging instances of dietary supplements, at any stage – from registration to marketing and promoting preparations in accordance with the act on food and nutrition safety.

Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm with regard to dietary supplements labeling and other issues in this respect.