1. Legal assistance in the purchase, sale and lease of agricultural property, in particular:

- verification of the legal status of real estate (analysis of land registry entries, area development plans, land and mortgage register and other relevant documents)
- ensuring the lawful transfer of agricultural property, due to which the buyer / the seller will carry out the transaction in accordance with applicable regulations despite the applicable restrictions
- preparation of documentation necessary to obtain consent for the purchase / sale of agricultural property. The option of transferring its ownership depends on the documents submitted to the official examining the application for the purchase of agricultural property.
- legal assistance in the field of lease of agricultural real estate, taking into account applicable regulations (ensuring that the leaseholder will have the effective option of pre-emption of the real estate)

2. Legal service for persons buying / leasing real estate of the Agricultural Property Stock of the Treasury:

- representation before the National Center for Agricultural Support in the scope of tender procedures for the lease / purchase of real estate of the Agricultural Property Stock of the Treasury
- legal assistance for persons leasing lands of the Agricultural Property Stock of the Treasury (extension of contracts, change of the ground rent) 

3. Conduct of cases related to consolidation and exchange of agricultural land

4. Legal assistance in excluding land from agricultural production (changing the status of farm land from agricultural to residential) Legal assistance in the field of real estate

- Representation before public authorities as part of planning procedures. Changing the plan usually involves a restriction of ownership, and thus possible restrictions of using the property in the previous way. Equally important for the property owner is the ability to influence the content of area development plans by initiating a change.

- Cases related to neighborhood law, in particular, assistance in cases related to the emissions (e.g. noise, pollution) impact on the property. 

- Regulation of the legal status of real estate.
- Legal service of the investment process on real estate.

- Legal services in the field of real estate market trading
- Secure purchase / sale of real estate.
- Legal services for participants of public real estate trading
- Securing the legal interest of entities in the process of purchasing real estate being in the resources of the commune / the powiat (district) / the voivodship / the State Treasury.