Iwona Wrześniewska-Wal, PhD (Juris Doctor)

- PhD dissertation: "Marketing of genetically modified food. Legal aspects." defended at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, supervisor: Professor. M. Korzycka- Iwanow (2006)
- Attorney-at-law since 2013, entry on the List of Attorneys-at-Law under the number WA 9867
- Graduate of the Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw, 1993
- A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, major in law 1996;
- A graduate of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration (2001- 2005);
- She completed an attorney-at-law apprenticeship at the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Warsaw
- A graduate of numerous post-graduate studies in medical law: Postgraduate Study of Evidence Law at The Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Postgraduate Studies in Bioethics and Medical Law at The Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw; Postgraduate Studies in Material and Procedural Criminal Law at the Jagiellonian University, Post-graduate studies at the University of Insurance and Banking in the field of Health Insurance Fund Management; Postgraduate Studies in Medical Law, Bioethics and Sociology of Medicine;
- Since 2003 Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Law and Management at the School of Public Health of the Center of Medical Postgraduate Education, where she lectures and trains doctors as well as runs research programs, among others "Analysis of Legal Decisions Regarding Medical Malpractice in Civil Courts”;

She specializes in civil and administrative law regarding health care, in particular, she handles cases of professional liability of doctors in the area of proceedings before the Screener for Professional Liability as well as before the Boards for Professional Medical Conduct and the Supreme Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

She is the author of numerous articles and studies on public health, including medical law in the broad sense.

Selected publications:

Book chapters: 1. The Specificity of Expert Opinion in the Professional Liability of Doctors. Current Judicature and Own Research. In: Aktualne problemy przemian systemu ochrony zdrowia w Polsce. (Current Problems of Changes in the Health Care System in Poland.) / [scientific ed.] Monika Urbaniak, Rafał Staszewski, Poznań 2017
2. Autopsy as a Special Type of Medical Intervention. In: Problematyka umierania i śmierci w perspektywie medyczno - kulturowej. (The Issue of Dying and Death in the Medical and Cultural Perspective.) / [scientific ed.] Jan Hartman, Marta Szabat, Warsaw, 2016
3. Consent of a Minor Patient in the Event of Medical Intervention. The Role of the Guardianship Court. In: Wybrane elementy opieki zdrowotnej. (Selected Elements of Health Care.) / [scientific ed.] Renata Rasińska, Maria Danuta Głowacka, Poznań: Polskie Towarzystwo Nauk o Zdrowiu (Polish Society of Health Sciences), 2016
4. Opinion of an Expert Physician in Cases of Malpractice in the Light of the Civil Courts’ Judicature and Own Research. In: Rola biegłego w postępowaniach sądowych. (The Role of an Expert in Court Proceedings.) / [ed.] Łukasz Błaszczak, Krystian Markiewicz, Wrocław 2016
5. The Liability of the Medicinal Entity as a Strategy to Reduce Management Irregularities. In: Zarządzanie progresywne zdrowiem. Kierunki, strategie, metody. (Progressive Health Management. Directions, Strategies, Methods.) / [scientific ed.] Violetta Korporowicz, Warsaw 2015
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8. Medical Records of a Psychiatrist. In: Prawo medyczne dla lekarzy psychiatrów. (Medical Law for Psychiatrists.) / [ed.] Anna Jacek, Emilia Sarnacka, Difin SA Publishing house, 2014
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2. Selected Legal Solutions in the Area of Public Health in Norway, Spain and the Czech Republic. Postępy Nauk Medycznych (Advances in Medical Sciences): 2016; 29; (5); 332-336 (Co-authorship with Anna Augustynowicz)
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4. Mandatory Vaccination as a Public Health Tool. Parallel title: Mandatory Protective Vaccination as a Public Health Tool. Postępy Nauk Medycznych (Advances in Medical Sciences): 2016; 29; (5); 356-360; (Co-authorship with Anna Augustynowicz)
5. Doctor before the Commission for Evaluation of Medical Events. Medical Damage. Medical Maestro Magazine. 2015(1):78-82, Special Edition: Prawo dla Medycyny (Law for Medicine)
6. Doctor before the Commission for Evaluation of Medical Events. Praktyka Lekarska (Medical Practice) (Monthly Journal for Primary Care Physicians and Managers). 2015(114):30
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